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  2. AnonTech Bot
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  4. Number Service
  5. E-mail service
  6. VPN service

Getting Started

You can start by opening Telegram and searching for the bot @AnonTech_Bot. Once you find the bot, click on the start button to start using the bot.
You can also use the bot by clicking on the link provided on the website. Please don't forget to join our community on @AnonTechEntry


AnonTech bot has been built with privacy and security in mind. The bot provides tools for users to remain anonymous online.Telegram

AnonTech Balance

The bot balance is the amount of credits you have on your account. Your balance is displayed in USD. It's used to pay for different services provided by the bot.Telegram

Service levels

Reserve the right to your privacy with AnonTech

Burn $ATEC Tokens to unlock your tier.


🔥 Burn $100 🔥


You may use the bot to generate a new email address, generate a new phone number and use a single choice VPN server.


You may use the bot to generate an unlimited amount of numbers, emails and use a lightning fast VPN service all around the world.

Pro service will come with support for all the services provided by the bot.

Number Service

Get a new phone number for your online activities. The phone number can be used to verify accounts on different platforms.
More than 70 countries supported. 224 Services.

Supported countries

E-mail service

Get instant one time e-mail addresses for your online activities.
The e-mail address can be used to verify accounts on different platforms.

E-mail service

VPN service

VPN service

Get instant vpn service for your online activities.
The VPN Service is used to enchance your privacy and security online.
Surf the internet without being tracked. Avoid geo-restrictions. Remain anonymous.

? How to set up

To use the VPN service, you need to have a Pro account.
Once you have a Pro account, you can use the VPN service by clicking on the VPN button on the bot.
The VPN service will be activated and you will be able to use it.

AnonTech VPN Status

You can view the node status before in the main menu

VPN status

Connecting to AnonTech VPN

Essentially there are 3 ways to connect


Scan the QR code with your WireGuard client and connect. Best for Android

Import profile

Install the imported profile via Settings. Preferred for iOS and macOS

Manually install configuration

For advanced users, if you wish to manually establish VPN connection.

1. Click on Connect to get your configuration file

2. Select region you wish to connect to. It's recommended to pick one that's closer to you so you don't lose speed travelling greater distance.

3. Select device that you wish to connect from the list. Note: You may wish to use QR-connect. You will require WireGuard client

Document version and date:

v1.1.1 - 2024-04-01